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Life is full of connections. For me to "connect the dots" that brought me from small-town Ohio through eight states, including an eleven-year stint in Sedona, Arizona, all the way to a tiny country congregation in Eastern Washington - would stretch the limits of believability! As life-long Selbu member, Bud Aune, likes to say, "It had to be a miracle, Pastor. Only God could have orchestrated that!" I agree!


My life journey, prior to Selbu, was "book-ended" by two epic bicycle tours. In 1974-75, I joined three other young men on a trek from the national convention of the American Lutheran Church in Detroit, Michigan - 8,334 miles to LaPaz, Bolivia. We raised money for missions as we pedaled through eleven countries south of the USA border. Along the way, God changed our lives in ways that still impact us.


Then, after six summers directing Bible Camps, serving three congregations, and working twelve years helping over 100 congregations raise over $80 million, it was time for another adventure. From October 2010 to March 2012, I bicycled over 11,000 miles in this great country - twice from coast to coast and then down to Key West - and had enough experiences for a book!


Much like Forrest Gump, who eventually stopped running, I knew it was time to stop pedaling and embark on another life chapter - the one that brought me to Selbu in 2012. Since then, I have immersed myself in the rural western lifestyle and have learned something surprising - "I love it here!" Soon after arriving here on Mud Flat Road, I became best known as the "Mud Flat Preacher!"  During my tenure here, I met and married my beautiful wife, Shenette, and have enjoyed the ministry that has been fulfilling, truly meaningful - and fun! I also continue leading one or two Capital Campaigns a year, as I do enjoy helping congregations fulfill their goals.

As a congregation, we have expanded our outreach, raised $150,000 in a Capital Campaign in 2014, (with plans to embark on another one in 2021), and have thrived in this very rural setting. I hope that you are blessed by spending a little time on this website. If you would like to see our online worship, go to Facebook and type in "Selbu Lutheran Church." We are "Live" at 11:00 AM (10:00 in June, July, and August) and then the service remains archived on Facebook.


I am blessed with a son, Keaton, and daughter, Adrienne, (both in Arizona), a step-daughter, Alicia (in western Washington), three grandchildren, and two step-grandchildren.

I am truly grateful to be here at Selbu, this historic congregation that was founded in 1903 by Norwegian immigrants who loved the Lord and built this church as an act of faith. My commitment is to continue the rich heritage of Selbu and to reach more and more people for the Lord!


Welcome to our website!


Mud Flat Preacher

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